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The Use of Additive Manufacturing to Investigate Novel Surface Geometries for Improved Oil Skimmer Recovery in Thin Oil Slicks

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Deep Analytics LLC
Research Principal Investigator
Gregory Hewitt
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This project leveraged additive manufacturing (3D printing) to investigate unique and innovative surface geometries that could improve an oleophilic skimmer's oil recovery rate and/or efficiency in thin oil slicks (1/2 inch and less). Deep Analytics evaluated multiple 3D printed surface geometries in a series of tests at their facility. These culminated in an innovative drum skimmer design based on a gyroid surface mapped to a cylinder to create a volumetric recovery capacity. This, used in conjunction with a unique vacuum recovery method, showed potential to improve rate of oil recovery in thin slicks.

Latest progress update

This project is complete. The final report has been updated for 508 compliance and is posted below.

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