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Advancement of MARINE SCOUT

Office/Division Program
Project Number
Research Completion Date (POP End)
Research Performing Activity
Qinetiq, Inc.
Research Principal Investigator
Scot Myhr
Research Contract Award Value

Under Interagency Agreement (IAA) E13PG00031, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE)/U.S. Army Night Vision team completed a program that demonstrated a compact, lightweight, multi-spectral airborne sensor payload capable of detecting the presence of oil on water, distinguishing oil from false alarms such as kelp forests, and providing a reliable estimate of the thickness of the oil present on the water.

The purpose of this project was to advance the current MARINE SCOUT payload for algorithm development and semi-automation for (near) real-time data processing.

Latest progress update

The project is complete. The final report is posted below.

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