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Enhancements to Ohmsett's Testing Capabilities in a Drift Ice Environment

Project Number
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Applied Research Associates
Principal Investigator
Grant Coolbaugh
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Estimated Completion Date

This project will enhance Ohmsett’s capability to conduct testing in a drift ice environment. These enhancements have been identified through lessons learned from the past nine years of ice testing at Ohmsett. Successful execution of this project will lead to lower overall future test costs, better utilization of the available test time, more repeatable test conditions, and better analysis of the ice field. When completed, Ohmsett will be fully equipped to effectively and efficiently conduct ice testing to meet ASTM F3350-18 “Standard Guide for Collecting Skimmer Performance Data in Ice Conditions.”

Latest progress update

The contractor has designed the systems for making ice and deploying it into the Ohmsett test basin and is in process of procuring components for the system.

In Progress