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Examination of Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Dielectric Fluids

Project Number
Progress Date
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA)
Principal Investigator
Steve Buschang
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The project consists of the chemical analysis and evaluation of the physical and behavioral properties of representative samples of three dielectric fluids. The fluids include synthetic ester based, natural ester based, and petroleum/mineral oil based fluids. An additional sample of a used/spent dielectric fluids will also be analyzed, if able to be located and acquired. This analysis will be used by spill response personnel and will help augment the NOAA Oil database. The following functional characteristics/conditions of interest will be examined by the United State Coast Guard Acadamy (USCGA):
spreading, emulsification, evaporation, density at a temperature between 0C-25C,viscosity, simulated distillation, flash point, pour point, solubility, interfacial tension, and photochemistry.

Latest progress update

The USCGA has received samples of three dielectric fluids and has begun testing.  A sample of the spent fluid will be obtained for testing as well. The project is ongoing. 

In Progress