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LiDAR Oil Characterization and Automated Software Development

Office/Division Program
Project Number
Research Performing Activity
Naval Research Lab (NRL)
Research Principal Investigator
Dr. Damien Josset
Research Contract Award Value

Under OSRR Project 1091, the NRL performed preliminary experiments to assess pulsed laser light technology (Light Detection And Ranging - LiDAR) ability to detect oil and characterize oil thickness on water. Initial testing conducted at Ohmsett demonstrated the successful application of LiDAR remote sensing to detect and measure the presence of oil at the surface and underwater.

This project will continue the development of the LiDAR system's ability to detect and characterize oil on the surface and varying subsurface layers thickness values and depth in the water.

Latest progress update

Naval Research Laboratory is evaluating LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to characterize surface oil slicks and subsurface oil/water emulsions. NRL is working on updating and adding features for the LiDAR visualization software. GUI software is being tested with the data from 2018 Ohmsett tank test.