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Renewable Energy Fire Protection Systems

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Kyle Christiansen, PE
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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the available options and performance of both passive and active fire protection and fire suppression systems. This study will conduct a global review of current industry-standard systems and research other options not currently used by the offshore wind industry. The project includes an assessment of:

Fire protection philosophies
Active and passive system technologies
Fire zone layouts • Fire insulation and barriers
Fire integrity of walls and decks; insulation material specification and position; deck and surface coverings materials applications
Ventilation system layouts and impacts to fire protection systems; penetration impacts
Fire pumps, hydrants and hoses, sprinkler and spray systems, and other active fire protection systems
Chemical considerations
Fixed fire detection and alarm systems, including arc flash detection
Specifications and optimum locations for detectors, equipment alarms and emergency call points.
The study will provide an understanding of fire systems equipment, interactions, applications, applicable design criteria, and effectivity of their use in the offshore wind energy industry; to include fuel source and electrical fires. The study will also assess current industry standards, practices, guidelines, and/or regulations (global) related to fire safety systems use and testing (qualification). Understanding of available systems and their functionality will provide DOI the necessary information when inspecting and reviewing facility plans, which will help ensure safe operations and protect the environment.

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