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Performance Improvement Plans

Performance Improvement Plans

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) is charged with ensuring safety and environmental protection across offshore oil and natural gas exploration, development and production activities.

In addition to the tools used by the Bureau to ensure compliance with regulations, such as Incidents of Non-Compliance and Civil Penalties, BSEE continually evaluates the overall performance of offshore operators.

If the Bureau deems a company's operating performance unacceptable pursuant to 30 CFR 250.135, in addition to other enforcement actions, BSEE may refer the company to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) recommending that the company's designation as an operator (on a single facility or on multiple facilities) be revoked.

Pursuant to 30 CFR 250.136, will consider the following factors (individually or collectively): (a) Accidents and their nature; (b) Pollution events, environmental damages and their nature; (c) Incidents of noncompliance; (d) civil penalties; (3) failure to adhere to OCS lease obligation, or (f) Any other factors.

Prior to making a final determination of unacceptable operating performance, BSEE may also formally notify a company regarding its unacceptable operating performance and give the company an opportunity to agree to make specific improvements. The notification will typically include or be followed by a Performance Improvement Plan, or a list of specific requirement and timelines the company must meet to demonstrate that its operating performance is no longer unacceptable. Performance improvement plans may be modified to reflect progress or new information. Performance improvement plans remain in effect until BSEE determines that performance is no longer unacceptable or until BOEM makes a final determination concerning the company's designated operator status.

Below are details of activities and enforcement actions from operators participating in BSEE-directed Performance Improvement Plans(There are no operators currently participating in BSEE-Directed Performance Improvement Plans at this time.)