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Development of an Active Ice Management System for Skimmers

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Nathan Lamie
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Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
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This project designed, built, and tested an active ice management system (AIMS) prototype to allow for improved mechanical recovery in broken ice with standard stationary skimmers. The AIMS provided a cage around a skimmer to prevent ice from entering the recovery zone. In addition, the AIMS provided six rotating drums at the cage perimeter to prevent ice from stagnating and clogging the perimeter. The rotating drums could be fitted with augers or spikes.

The system was tested at Ohmsett in January 2020. The system was successful in preventing ice from entering the skimmer's recovery area. However, activating the rotating drums with either the augers or spikes did not provide a measurable improvement in oil recovery for the limited testing that was conducted.

Latest progress update

The project is complete. The attached summary test report provides a brief overview of the system and details the Ohmsett tests.

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