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Evaluation of Skimmer Performance in Diminishing Oil Slick Thicknesses

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Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
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Kristi McKinney
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ASTM F2709 calls for testing stationary oil skimmers  in either pure oil, or in a three-inch layer of oil on water. However, in an actual oil spill it is likely that a skimmer will be operating in a thinner range of oil thicknesses. BSEE is conducting testing on various skimming systems in varying slick thicknesses to better understand the relationship between Oil Recovery Rates (ORR) and Recovery efficiencies (RE), and decreasing oil slick thicknesses.

Latest progress update

Testing has been completed on two oleophilic skimmers. The report, published in the IOSC 2017 proceedings, is attached below.
BSEE tested an additional skimmer in 2017. A report summarizing these results is in progress.

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