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OSRR-1021-Evaluation of Oil in the Water Column Detection Systems

Project Number
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
US Coast Guard Research & Development Center
Principal Investigator
Alexander Balsley

This project's objective was to track the movement of subsurface oil in the nearshore areas. Efforts were directed towards evaluating two portable prototype systems designed to detect oil in the water column. These prototype systems include:

Wide Band Multibeam Sonar by Norbit Optical Tool using Wide-Angle-Scattering Inversion with Fluorometer backup by WET Labs

These systems were evaluated at the National Oil Spill Response and Renewable Energy Test Facility (Ohmsett) in November, 2013.

Prior to the test, Ohmsett developed an oil delivery system capable of delivering an oil plume of particle size and distribution range that closely replicates that of an actual release scenario. Preliminary calibration and development tests of the oil delivery system were conducted in a small portable tank at Ohmsett. Laser In Situ Scattering and Transmissometry (LISST) instruments were used to quantify oil droplet size.

Tasks for this project include:

Design Oil Delivery Test Equipment Develop Test Plan for Prototype Systems Execute prototype testing at Ohmsett Final Report

Latest progress update

The project is complete. The final report is posted below.