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Restricted Burning Tongue

Project Number
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Elastec, Inc.
Principal Investigator
Shon Mosier
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BSEE is pursuing a line of research and plans to conduct full-scale tests of modified boom configurations in the Canadian Multi-Partner Research Initiative Offshore Burn Experiments (MOBE) planned for the summer of 2022. The primary goal of the research is to determine if alternate boom geometries will result in a reduction of particulate matter (PM) and trace pollutants in the plume and reduced amounts of burn residue. The immediate objective of this contract is the simplified acquisition of fire boom materials to create a new technique to improve burn efficiencies from in situ burning of crude oil on water. Optional tasks include the design and fabrication of a fire brake, and sufficient fire boom for testing for MOBE.

Latest progress update

Elastec continues to make progress in the development of an alternate geometry fire boom system. Fabrication materials have been procured and assembly is in progress. Testing of the entire system including the gate is scheduled for October 2022 at Ohmsett. Combustion efficiency tests are scheduled for November 2022 at the US Army Corps of Engineer's Cold Region Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL).

In Progress