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Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Definitions for Oil Spill Response Technologies and Equipment

Office/Division Program
Project Number
Research Initiation Date (Award Date)
Research Completion Date (POP End)
Research Performing Activity
Applied Research Associates (ARA), Inc.
Research Principal Investigator
Dr. Paul Panetta

The objective of this project is establish a uniform and objective means to determine the level of maturity of a new technology, and when it is ready for use in the field.

Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) are used extensively in the aerospace and defense communities. This project will take this existing framework and define the simulated and intended environments, as well as the operational systems for anticipated oil spill response scenarios. It will be accomplished via the following tasks:

Task 1. Review TRL definitions from the Oil and Gas Industry, NASA, the Department of Defense and Department of Energy and develop draft Spill Response TRLs Task 2. Assemble working group and disseminate first draft of Spill Response TRLs Task 3. Organize and hold workshops (in person and via electronic means) Task 4. Develop new TRLs and categorize various spill response technologies Task 5. Provide appropriate reports.

Latest progress update

Project is complete. The TRLs may undergo further refinement before implemented by BSEE.

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