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The Web based General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment (WebGNOME) Anywhere

Office/Division Program
Project Number
Research Performing Activity
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Research Principal Investigator
Dr. Chris Barker
Research Contract Award Value

The current NOAA's WebGNOME platform displays the modeling bounds with available operational forecast models for selected areas. These areas are typically in shoreline areas. This project will expand the availability of forecast models to cover offshore areas where BSEE's regulated facilities reside. This added feature will enable the ability to run WebGNOME more easily, using available operational forecast models. The focus will be on the following areas as priorities: Gulf of Mexico (GOM) out to 200 miles, the Arctic, Cook Inlet, Southern California, and the Atlantic seaboard (for possibly renewable energy facilities).

Latest progress update

WebGNOME functionality was put to use and tested during a spill that occurred in October 2021 off Huntington Beach. WebGNOME can load and initialize spills from the operational NOAA/NESDIS analysis products available at: and other shapefile classification formats. The project team is developing the features necessary to easily setup and run WebGNOME with a number of operational forecast models.