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Venting and Flaring Research: Analysis of Potential Opportunities to Reduce Venting and Flaring on the OCS

Office/Division Program
Project Number
Research Completion Date (POP End)
Research Performing Activity
Argonne, LLC. (US Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory)
Research Principal Investigator
Daniel M. Fraser, Bruce P. Hamilton
Research Contract Award Value

BSEE is committed to searching for and adopting new and progressive methods for further enhancing safety, environmental protection, and the conservation of resources on the OCS. It is therefore incumbent upon the Bureau to explore possibilities that may exist for the increased capture of gas that would otherwise be vented and flared in offshore operations. To support these efforts Argonne National Laboratory was asked to research, analyze, and report on how much gas is released, how much could be captured and marketed (or used), and under what situations it would be cost-beneficial for offshore operations to apply available technology and capture gas.

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