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HPHT Phase II - API 17TR8 (Evaluation of Pressure Rating Methods Recommended by API RP 17TR8)

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Hamilton, Bruce (Lindley, Roy A, P.E. Ret; Aiken, William B, P.E.; Miglin, Bruce P, Ph.D.)
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Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
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The original objective was to evaluate testing alternatives during Phase I of the effort; during Phase II of the effort a determination of alignment in failure effects analysis modeling and actual component failure was requested. Loading factors were considered. This report is for Phase II of the effort.  BSEE had questions about methods used for qualification of subsea designs for high pressure/high temperature applications (above 15,000 psi or 350 degrees F).  Pressure was of particular concern.

Latest progress update

Complete.  Since the time this work effort began the offshore oil and gas industry has completed a number of new specifications and standards for offshore, subsea oil and gas applications. More papers with more information for qualification of subsea applications, giving consideration of validation of specific subsea materials and solutions, are now in the public domain than at the time this project began. A more consistent approach in practice is also documented in the public domain through conference proceedings from the Offshore Technical Conference (2018 papers).  The ASME has established a new subsea committee and has taken up certain questions regarding subsea applications. In addition, the BSEE, API, and OOC have worked cooperatively to improve the guidance for review of HPHT submissions.

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